Just Query The System

Waaay back, a company I worked for was tasked to build this system where the site owners could go in daily and update financial numbers. We did it. Built a little CMS and everything.

We handed it to them and they said, "No way! We want this to go and get the financial information for us!" As the exchange got more heated, one guy (I think we was a cokehead-- he was also a video store owner and eventually the head of the local office of a computer college) started jumping up and down, saying, "Just Query The System! Just Query The System!" At the time (1997), it was actually hard to just get financial data. It cost money to subscribe to the data, it had to be converted into a usable format, etc.

Well, how times have changed. This article talks about how you can query financial data from a number of sources and turn that into usable data:


Just Query The System!