Attention ALL GEEKS

NerdTV is finally here !

#1 Andy Hertzfeld
September 6, 2005:
Andy Hertzfeld, the original Macintosh systems programmer, talks about MacHistory and how he fell in love with Open Source software.

#2 Max Levchin
September 13, 2005:
Max Levchin, best known for co-founding PayPal, explains why he is starting his 5th through 7th companies and the virtues of staying up all night.

#3 Bill Joy
September 20, 2005:
Sun Microsystems co-founder Bill Joy -- the father of Berkeley UNIX -- explains why he was fired from the International House of Pancakes.

#4 Brewster Kahle
September 27, 2005:
Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle -- WAIS, Alexa, the Internet Archive. He was a pedabyte of stories of tell as well as how 1976 was a bad year for intellectual property.

The remaining 2005 Schedule...

October 4
Internet publisher Tim O'Reilly

October 11
Autodesk co-founder Dan Drake

October 20
TCP/IP inventor Bob Kahn

October 27
Computer mouse inventor Doug Engelbart

November 3
Former Lotus chief scientist Jerry Kaplan

November 10
Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak

November 17
Former Apple chief scientist Larry Tesler

November 24
Google CEO Eric Schmidt

December 1
The father of Linux, Linus Torvalds


Tooms said…
Jeez these people starting 5,6, or 7 companies. I'd be happy with one. Makes me wish I stayed in college ;)
Mike DeWolfe said…
Yeah, the whole Max Levchin article gave a major, "Man in the Grey Flannel Suit" moment. Should I start doing all-nighters and obsessively work on a project? Or, should I enjoy the happy life I have with my wife and daughter? If you want a major brain buster: check out CNet for the sale of I'll leave the details as a "surprise."