Introducting Blogjest

I have put out version 0.1 of Blogjest: I could have waited to flesh out my desired feature list and wipe out the bugs, but that may take a while. What you have is a working work-in-progress along with a supporting blog...

  • Use the Blogjest tool to display a list of feeds from your favorite blogs, RSS and Atom sources.
  • You name several sources (inline or through your own XML document). You name how many stories per feed to show off. When users come to your page, they will see a list of your selected blogs and their recent stories. As those blogs are updated, your blogjest will reflect that.
  • Name color schemes so that the blogjest list can show up on your page in step with the parent page.
Bugs/New Features:
Here are the current signifigant bugs and functions:
  • It cannot process some XML sources: Example A and Example B.
  • I don't have a way to read and decide which RSS source to use. It parses everything as RSS 1.0
  • It uses caching to store second views of XML sources. I would prefer that it saves the document in a database.
  • I would like to build an installation script for Blogjest. It should install the blogjest files and set-up a data source (Access or SQL Server)
  • Display functionality would allow to you to load stylesheets.
  • A way to test XML sources for their existance and formatting.
  • A better way to guess the Blogjest output size.
  • A way to shrink the parent frame size to match the output size of the Blogjest output.
Do you want to help with the bug list? That would be cool. Really cool. I will give full credit to contributors for the branch of Blogjest that I am developing. If you want the source, here it is. If you wish to contact me: mikedewolfe?


If you wanted to throw me a tip in appreciation for what I have done, please feel free!


Z├ęzette said…
Sorry, Mike, I've been meaning to congratulate you on your hard work... but now I'll have to postpone doing so again to unplug the machine in this electrical storm. Well done, though. :)
Mike DeWolfe said…
Thanks! I still have a ways to go, but v0.1 is out. I hope to get it to an ideal state before Christmas.