Flickr + Ingenuity = Cool

Krazydad have put out this totally cool app that ties Flash and Flickr together via XML. Choose a color and several matching photos will appear.

Using images from the Color Fields group on Flickr, JBum has created a beautiful and efficient Experimental Color Picker. Just click on a color, use the slider to adjust lightness and darkness, and it will show you photos with that color.

What KrazyDad has done is tap into the Flickr XML API. Hey kids, do you want to try this at home? This link helps. Once you've sucked in how to pull this off, you'll need access to the Flickr API ( The details of the services are available for your use. Amazon's web services has the same sort of thing, BTW.

If you are trying to source images that match a predominant shade, this is an excellent tool. Choose the color. find the photo that you want, go to Flickr and see if the image has rights that allow your reuse.

tags: Flash, Flickr, REST, XML