Ajax Primer

Webmonkey has a good piece on the ins-and-outs of Ajax (http://www.webmonkey.com/webmonkey/06/15/index3a.html). I was almost going to mention Web 2.0, but O'Reilly is muscling others in an effort to make the term a ubiquitious buzzword and then trademark it (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/05/26/web_2point0_battle/) I am considering a new term to replace Web 2.0 or mention it in the same breath of evil, in the same way people hear the Imperial March or Borg gears when someone is mentions Microsoft. Does anyone have any tips for something that sums up Web 2.0 but doesn't invoke a name that O'Reilly is trying to hijack like so much GM corn.
The more I play with Ajax, the more I enjoy it. I've written a few reviews on the subject for CodeWalkers (link and link). In a lessor way, I've been doing stuff with iframes and html entity moving since 1999. Then in 2005, someone comes up with the buzzword of "Ajax" and voila it's an application environment.