I Cannot Put "Louis Vuitton" into the Text of my Blog

I got this today from "ebay.ca". It strikes me as odd. Warning me off from some keywords? When I quizzed ebay.ca, they said, "I believe that these two companies believe its an infringement of their trademark." Idiots. Don't trademark McDonalds. What are you? McDonalds? Wendy's? One of the Safeway family?

It doesn't really matter much. I thought CJ-- Commission Junction-- was kind of a dud. Only one person I know of has made cash off them by a carefully executed/semi-legal scam.

What do you think?

Dear Mike DeWolfe,

eBay would like to ask, if you are involved in any pay-per-click advertising, that you refrain from purchasing and/or using any of the following keywords or derivations thereof immediately:

* Louis Vuitton (Vuitton) or Christian Dior (Dior)

This also means that you may not purchase any derivatives or misspellings of these keywords. (For example, you may not purchase Louis Vuitton, LouisVuitton, Vuitton, Louuis Vuitton, Louis Viuitton, LOUS VUITTON, Louis Vuiton, LOUIS VUTTON, Louis Vitton, LOUIIS VUITTON, Loui Vuitton, LOUIS VUTTON, : LouuisVuitton, LouisViuitton, LOUSVUITTON, LouisVuiton, LOUISVUTTON, LouisVitton, LOUIISVUITTON, LouiVuitton, LOUISVUTTON, Christian Dior, CHRISTIAN DIOR, Chrstian Dior, CHRESTIAN DIOR, Chrstian Dior, chistian dior, Chistian Dior, CHRISTION DIOR, CHISTIAN DIOR, Chistian Dior, Christian Diior, Chritian Dior, CHRITIAN DIOR, ChristianDior, CHRISTIANDIOR, ChrstianDior, CHRESTIANDIOR, ChrstianDior, chistiandior, ChistianDior, CHRISTIONDIOR, CHISTIANDIOR, ChistianDior, ChristianDiior, ChritianDior, CHRITIANDIOR, Dior, DIOR, DOIR, Doir, Diior, DIIOR, among other spellings or combinations). Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is provided to assist you in deteriming the types
of keywords that cannot be purchased.

Please add each of the above types of terms to the Negative Match Suppression List within your Google AdWords account immediately. They must also be added to the negative match suppression list for every other paid search advertising campaign you may be running in connection with the eBay Affiliate Program.

There are also changes you must make with respect to your ad copy. It is important that no ad copy include any of the keywords above in the:

a) Title of the advertisement, b) display URL, or c) body of the advertisement.

Publishers who disregard this request will be in violation of the eBay Supplemental Terms & Conditions as well as the Publisher Service Agreement. Violations of these agreements may result in immediate termination from the eBay program and/or permanent deactivation from the

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


The eBay.ca Affiliate Team

This message was sent by an advertiser in the Commission Junction network
based on the mail settings selected in your account. Commission Junction
does not send messages to individuals outside of its network and guards
the privacy of all information received. To unsubscribe from receiving......
Commission Junction Network.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


The eBay.ca Affiliate Team