What is your Quest!?

We are making a big push to get our Drupal site to finally go live. I know there are more modules and chunks of functionality than what appears in the Drupal Modules list. Where is this missing mass? And how I can fill out this list of 'must haves' in less than two months?

Current List of Quests

  • A two field CCK field type - This would ideally have two fields built in-- a text input field and a textarea field. They would travel together so that we could use multiples.
  • A tiered taxonomy list - This works with the taxonomy hierarchy as a tree of checkboxes. Clicking on a term will make its children terms visible.
  • Race conditions - Basically, this is file-locking. When a page is open for editing, all others who visit the page will be barred from editing the page. This can best be done by going into node_access and giving one user (by their 'gid' or 'uid') update access but barring all others. Then on node_save, those two rules are removed. Maybe in addition, we tie this to a cron job so that after two hours, locks also disappear.
  • Bibliography module - A way to register and associate publication sources. Publication, volume, issue, page(s) and the author-- also free form enough to allow entries like 'letter from Joe' or 'htttp://www.yahoo.com'.
  • And...?

Search and Discovery Means

Unfortunately, Drupal.org is lousy at organizing its content. But, Google is great at organizing Drupal's content. So, start by searching via Google.

When/if that fails, check out these sites: