OLPC -- Please call later... or never... your choice...

So, OLPC-- the XO laptop people have two phone numbers--
1-800-201-7144-- still a piss-off number that reports "All circuits are busy".
1-877-705-2786-- when you try to navigate through the phone tree you get recorded messages. When you try to do a follow-up on the laptop you've ordered, it comes back with a "all our operators are busy. Please try your call in a few minutes." then hangs up. So, you are no longer in a queue-- you're punting to the street until you can magically call in when their lone operator isn't on the line to her local suicide prevention line.

I wanted to know:
  • can they give me a real FedEx tracking number?
  • has my laptop already been delivered and re-donated? Supposedly, in Canada FedEx is just dropping them at the door and taking off. Are they knocking first? Couriers suck, so who knows
  • WTF?