OLPC -- We have computers?

A few weeks ago, I emailed one-laptop-per-child:

When will my laptop arrive?
I tried to track my shipment via the Shipping Status function on the laptopgiving.org site. It said that I was using an invalid number. I ordered this on November 12th, I was promised that it would arrive before December 25th. When will it arrive?


Eventually, a reply arrived:
Please contact our Donor Services so a representative will be able to assist you with your inquiry at 1-800-201-7144. Please obtain your donation information in hand so the representative may.

Thank You

Donor Services

I replied:
I'm sorry-- do you have a relationship with the organization that accepted our money for this donation and G1G1 program? I have to ask because you do not seem to know what your organization is doing with this transaction. Asking me to call another number within an organization tells me that no one in your organization knows what is going on. Have you thought of using a computer to track orders?

Thank you,

So what's the deal? They want me to contact their phone number? They don't know what they're doing? They don't know what they're doing.
"Please obtain your donation information in hand so the representative may."... What? They're in such a panic, they can't even finish their automated piss-off messages.