The Roast Turkey Special

Mr. Projekt comes into the diner.
He looks at the menu and sees a roast turkey special. He gestures for the waiter and quizzes him on the turkey: "I've had roast turkey before. Could this be special?"
Waiter: "Sir, we could make it a little different, I suppose."
Mr. Projekt: "No one has done a stove-top roasted turkey. I think that would be marvellous."
Waiter: "I suppose we could, no one does it that way."
Mr. Projekt: "Then please do so. That's exactly how I want it!"
The Waiter scurries into the back. There are raised voices in the kitchen. Everyone at the other tables are interupted from their turkey dinners to take notice. Through the window, Mr. Projekt can see the chef and the waiter trying to heft the turkey, flip it and saute it in an oversized skillet. Flames erupt. Saucepans crash.
The waiter comes out flustered, straightens himself and attends to the other patrons. The chef continues to curse from the back. There is quiet. A moment later, the chef put the pan-roasted turkey dinner into the window.
Mr. Projekt calls over the waiter: "One small change. Everything as before except for one detail: beef instead turkey, please."


Cheryl said…
That sounds about right.