Wanna help me write a book? I am working on a book about setting up websites. I am looking for a collaborator-- someone willing to chip into the content of the book and share in the proceeds. Here are the topics up for grabs:

Chapter 9 : Getting Free Contributions
- Contests
- Begging
- Love Content (a la Love Money-- but in Content Form-- content from friends and family)

Chapter 10 : Getting Paid Contributions
- How do you get paid contributions for the best rate possible

Chapter 11 : The Daily Grind
- Approving Posts
- Cross Pollenate Your Sites Every Day
- Uploading Contributions
- Checking Traffic Trends

By way: I am looking for recommended reading sources for SEO, PLR and other topics. I have read plenty, but I am looking for sources that I can lend credited quotes from. Anyone want some promotion?