Movie Mash-up

A few years ago, I worked for a movie review website. It was doing bang-up stuff, but it's data was incomplete. I had this nifty idea: get a few form boxes: fill in the names of movie stars (actors, directors) and hit 'go'-- then get a list of movies that two to four movie stars have appeared in together. I am often haunted by these movies-- I know who stars in it, but I can't figure out what the movie was named.
Fast forward to last week: I saw that I could drill Yahoo for API information from their movie section. Voila! Data! Glorious data!
First up: I did a Facebook App, Movie Tonight. There, you can enter your postal code and get the listings for movies in the area. Then, you can click on a show time and make an FB event so that others can join you at the theater.
Second: I did a standalone app-- using JQuery to spiff it up, drill into the info from two or actors and produce the intersection of movies. It was painfully easy and satisfying to do.
Did I ever mention that I love APIs?