Monday, August 31, 2009

How Does Walk-in-Web Do it?

Short answer: Wordpress
Long answer (via

Website Designer - Technical Sales

City: Victoria, BC
Schedule: Minimum in-store 24 hours per week, will climb to 40 hours/week within 30 days
Earnings: Hourly $18.50 + Commission
Online job details: Walkinweb

Looking for a great place to work? A place where imagination and technology embraces the old concept of the 'community store'. Our in-store position is fun, demanding and will suit someone with great web design skills and great customer relation. If that's you read on...

As an In-Store Sales Technician, you will:
• Answer client tickets/telephone/in-person inquiries regarding all facets of web design, hosting, domain name registration and Organic/PPC SEO/SEM
• Have the ability to listen and quickly understand your clients needs and abilities
• Create customer profiles and detailed work orders
• Always create a positive client experience by providing above and beyond customer service

As a Web Designer, you will:
• Liaise with fellow web designers and programmers in all aspects of site production
• Develop websites ranging from basic CMS (Wordpress)Template to elaborate custom hand coded web development projects
• Handle multiple projects with tight deadlines

Desired personal skills:
• A positive and passionate personality, with the natural ability to communicate with clients and team members
• A knack for problem solving and multitasking in a time-sensitive environment
• Ability to work independently, while still being a part of a team
• High attention to detail
• Fluency in the English language
• Ability to speak multiple languages is an asset

Essential qualifications and skills:
• Post secondary education in Web design, graphic and visual arts or a related field
• Comfortable with WHM/Cpanel
• Confortable at hand coding HTML, XHMTL, CSS using recognized Text/HTML and/or WYSIWYG editors
• Confortable with optimizing, editing and creating great graphics (Photoshop, Fireworks)
• Comfortable with PHP/MySQL installation, editing and troubleshooting
• High comfort level with content management systems (ie: Wordpress)
• Understanding of organic SEO techniques

Walkinweb's is a Start-Up born out of Konae Technologies,Inc which has enjoyed strong financial growth for the past 9 years through world class software development and marketing strategies including our very popular HTML Editor (Alleycode - over 1 million downloads). Alleycode has enjoyed 'many' awards and reviews, including PC World Magazine (Best 101 Freebies 2006).

Walkinweb, Inc's Victoria branch is the first of several 'prototypes'. Numerous branches are planned within Canada, making this is a ground up career opportunity with a strong future that includes the development of quality benefit packages Update: Last time I was downtown Walk-In Web had walked off of Broughton Street.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Messing around with Clip-art

I have pulled together some clip-art, cooked it into a database of content and then posted it to a site of mine: I may post the PHP code I used-- I did a really simple hack of pagination, terms and searches with lots of code-wrapping and input filtering. If you want to crawl around my list of 5600+ images, feel free!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Social Web Ends Up Talking to the Plant in the Corner

Yesterday, I signed up for Twitter. I have a lot of issues with Twitter. Sure: Brevity is... wit. But, where will it go? Why is that we've had the spectre of Orwell's 1984 and the long reach of the PATRIOT Act to fear then we turn around and type in moment to moment updates of our lives into this information nexus?
According to ReadWriteWeb, Twitter, Facebook and LiveJournal are all down. I have to wonder if it's a coincidence. Do they all use similar technology that could be an achilles heel? Could it be some vulnerability in Ajax and/or JSON that is letting exploits and requests fly in at an unprecedented speed?
Is this revenge from opponents to free speech like China, North Korea or Iran? It wouldn't be too hard to zombie a bunch of machines or a cluster with faked IPs and then pound on the Ajax servers with millions of little requests that choke out responses. No? Then why is it that Facebook proper seems up, but its Ajax requests handled by its CDN are all chokey?
Maybe it's more basic? Thanks to APIs, all of these sites are interconnected sharing data and when one trips another falls.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Make Your Own Bestseller

I have combined the NY Times Bestsellers lists (available through an API) with Amazon (also available through an API). Check it out: Better still, you can use this too! Make a block to show off on your site, your blog or your page on MySpace or Facebook: