Getting The Most Out Of Your Traffic

There's a hole... in my life. (Sting sung that when he still cool).
I used to have a lot more traffic-- then I started mixing it up. I made up a bunch of pages, then moved over to Drupal quickly. Then, I didn't migrate all of the page-- doh! It's not like I scorched my best pages. I forgot to migrate a script I wrote in 1999. Then I found all of these page-not-found errors in my traffic. Tonight, I started to fix-up all of my 404s. I made up pages to meet the gaps. In a couple cases, I made up aliases to get the river to follow the boat. Lastly, I found a bunch of hits "classifieds/this" and "classifieds/that" or specifically Lots of hits to classifieds pages with various phrases put into the mix. I found out that others are seeing these too. There was no sense of letting all that traffic go to waste.
Here's what I did. I made a panel with "classifieds" as it's path.
The top panel goes to a search via the API.
The right panel goes to a Twitter API search. The links in the Twitter responses go to remote.php script-- a quicky way to display third party pages while allowing a toe-hold to continue. I snugged in a dud variable with the classifieds phrase preserved. When the Google AdSense reads that part of the url, it turns it into something intelligble, something relevant for Google work with.
The left panel was going to be Amazon, but Amazon's API is a bit of a pain. I made it work in my BestSellers List (NY Times-Amazon mash-up) but the general search functionality was painful. The Drupal Amazon Tools module was a little disappointing. So, instead I did up a bunch of links to some of my recent pet projects.