Troll Bane 2.0

Are you bothered by a chimp who's occupation is "Destroying Blogs"? Here's some troll bane aka chimp bane. We may be up against the same griefer. Regardless, here's some ways you can address trolls who are provocative, but are solely abusive.

Step 1: Stop Using Blogger - It is feature poor. Do you like the irony of reading that at ?
Step 2: Identify your threat. Get their IP address and tie it their location. This one was an employee at a company spilling bile across the web. When you go to their web address,, you get a Sonicwall screen. Sonicwall is a fairly pricey anti-spam device. The people at this IP address either stole it or bought it for their business (I'm going with Option B).

When you get the GeoIP for this address, you get a business on or near, Westhover Rd., Spottswood Rd. Shirley Lane, or Berkley Lane all in Richmond Virginia.
So: how many businesses are in this area?,+-77.4801025391&sll=38.039439,-78.484955&sspn=0.488876,1.234589&ie=UTF8&ll=37.541498,-77.477303&spn=0.00769,0.01929&t=h&z=16&layer=c&cbll=37.541582,-77.477263&panoid=JUhZkSj9kliugaHHbcY3yg&cbp=12,303.17,,0,5

IP Address is
Location : Richmond, VA United States
Lat/Long : 37.5409011841, -77.4801025391
Host Info:

Step 3: Complain
Send something to complain to the police in the area (eg. ).

I put this phrase in:
"I do not know if there are statutes in the Richmond jurisdiction relevant to his online behavior. From what we can gather, this individual celebrates that they have been carrying on this practice for over a year"

Then I lodged a complaint with Comcast, the ISP facilitating this communication.

Comcast numbers
1-800-527-2222 (Pittsburgh-- the right locale to contact to lodge your complaint against an East Coast troll)