Here's My Conundrum

I am trying to parse the content in this page, ( to get the list elements and which list they appear in.
The right sided lists are straight forward-- one link per list. It's kind of straight forward. The list on the left side is trickier.

Because the links are buried inside of layers of DIV tags and styling, I can't see a way to compare the blocks beside each other and know if they are part of the same list and isolate each block of code relevant to one specific link. For the bonus round, these stylings may duck and weave-- if they change a little, I need to apply the same logic at the HTML to find out the relevance of the code and where it is in the document.
I want to be able to fish out these elements and end up with an array of items in one list (one area). How can I know how many regions I have?
Anyone have any bright ideas? What to show off your smarts? Want a contract to do this: set up the logic to read a page, find its lists, pull those out and isolate each item in a cell in an array specific to the whole a particular list?