Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What is your Quest!?

We are making a big push to get our Drupal site to finally go live. I know there are more modules and chunks of functionality than what appears in the Drupal Modules list. Where is this missing mass? And how I can fill out this list of 'must haves' in less than two months?

Current List of Quests

  • A two field CCK field type - This would ideally have two fields built in-- a text input field and a textarea field. They would travel together so that we could use multiples.
  • A tiered taxonomy list - This works with the taxonomy hierarchy as a tree of checkboxes. Clicking on a term will make its children terms visible.
  • Race conditions - Basically, this is file-locking. When a page is open for editing, all others who visit the page will be barred from editing the page. This can best be done by going into node_access and giving one user (by their 'gid' or 'uid') update access but barring all others. Then on node_save, those two rules are removed. Maybe in addition, we tie this to a cron job so that after two hours, locks also disappear.
  • Bibliography module - A way to register and associate publication sources. Publication, volume, issue, page(s) and the author-- also free form enough to allow entries like 'letter from Joe' or 'htttp://www.yahoo.com'.
  • And...?

Search and Discovery Means

Unfortunately, Drupal.org is lousy at organizing its content. But, Google is great at organizing Drupal's content. So, start by searching via Google.

When/if that fails, check out these sites:

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cross #1 Off My List

For a lot of reasons, I hate LiveJournal. So much so, that seeing it disappear is my #1 wish on 43 Things. Move over 'Cure for Cancer', 'Threesome' and '1 Million Dollars'-- I want to see SixApart's baby to keel over. It's well on that way, but we got a sampler of life without LJ this week. In a small way, I got my wish (this from Laughing Squid):

6 back-to-back power outages hit the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco Tuesday afternoon causing major havoc with popular web services. 365 Main is down, along with craigslist, Technorati, Yelp, AdBrite and SixApart (including TypePad, LiveJournal and Vox). It caused some problems with servers used by Current TV and Second Life.

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is currently working on the issue. It is now estimated that over PG&E 30,000 customers are with out power.

So the big question, where is the backup power at the data centers used by these services? UPS and diesel generators should normally help situation like this.

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