Friday, September 04, 2009

What Have I Been Up To?

Here's a rundown of my recent technical tinkerings. The "on the job" tinkerings will come when I have them released. At the moment, they are "precarious" and I need to put them through some ruggedization-- when they're ready for the light of day, expect a mash-up that includes Flickr, Youtube, Daylife and a people-finder for Drupal.

A Victoria News aggregator:
A Victoria For Sale aggregator:
A Clip-art site:
NYT Bestsellers / Amazon Mash-up:
A company website for a storage company:
A dead-end Phonegap project for iPhone (now, restarted with classic XCode development tools): (however, I do love HTML5 and Canvas).
An e-book on the Science of Getting Rich:

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